TAS provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. The work with young people builds a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of arts heritage and its conservation.

Young Arts aims to stimulate a lively interest and enthusiasm for the arts in the young.

Watts Gallery Printing Press

The Arts Society Shalford’s purchase of a printing press for Watts Gallery’s Foyle Art for All Learning Studio as part of Young Arts is proving a great resource. Workshops with young people have focused on mono printing and drypoint etching. The press is also used in a series of adult classes that started in October 2012 led by John Freeman, Surrey-based artist and print maker.

Lifelong Learning Officer, Anna Hennings, attends many of their printing sessions and sees its value first-hand: “Having the printing press is wonderful for learners of all ages. Printmaking can achieve a lovely quality of line and, of course, the possibility of producing a small edition of prints, a challenge that many of our learners will relish.” 

The Arts Society Shalford donated £750 as part of its Young Arts programme, as part of a wider support to the Gallery’s Lifelong Learning Programme, including the provision of prizes for the Gallery’s annual Big Draw events for children. Dorothy Hall, Shalford DFAS’s Young Arts Representative, has been in discussion with the Learning team on a number of initiatives ‘to look at particular needs and areas where we can help provide some funding for local schemes’.

The Arts Society Shalford looks forward to continuing to work with the Gallery in securing more resources to develop its founder, G.F Watts’s belief in the importance of Art for All.