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12 October 2017Chinamania - the impact of Chinese porcelain on European taste
14 September 2017The Bronzes Ife and a historical review of the art and sculpture of Nigeria
29 June 2017Income and Inspiration: Financial secrets of the masters
11 May 2017The Furniture gallery at the V&A: Dr Susan Weber collection
13 April 2017St Petersburg, the Venice of the North
09 March 2017 Fakes & Forgeries: The art of deception, insight into the methods used by criminals to dupe the art market
09 February 2017Devils and Drunkeness, Death and Destruction: Germany and the Reformation Print
08 December 2016Christmas Pie – Festive customs and folklore down the ages
10 March 2016This is Christopher Wren

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Chinamania - the impact of Chinese porcelain on European taste Jane Gardiner Thursday 12 October 2017

Examining the enormous and lasting influence these Porcelains had on European taste and culrture and history of interior design