I invite you to join our happy and thriving society at Shalford.

By joining The Arts Society you can be guaranteed an excellent varied programme of lecturers on a wide variety of art based topics. We have at our disposal a choice of 300 accredited lecturers with over 4000 lecture titles between them. You will receive with your Membership a quarterly magazine ‘The Review’ which has articles on topics of general artistic interest, news from other Societies plus details of courses that you may find of interest.

In addition to our lecture programme we offer coach visits to places of interest usually with the added bonus of an expert guide at the venue to add to the enjoyment and value of the visit.

In order to understand a subject in greater depth we also run study mornings or days. These are extremely popular as they are held in a more informal setting and the addition of refreshments between lectures makes it a very friendly and relaxed event.

The founder of The Arts Society, Patricia Fay, was from the outset very keen that members should support the preservation of our national heritage and encourage the next generation to appreciate the arts.

We have a thriving Church Recordering project  at St Andrews Grafham,and are working on several childrens trails to  enable both young and old to gain more enjoyment from local churches.

We have given a grant to a Children’s sewing project, to encourage craft work and sewing and cross stitch, skills that are no longer taught in schools.  I hope this brief description of our Society will leave you wanting to find out more. We very much welcome new members and appreciate anything you can offer to continue to make The Arts Society Shalford  a vibrant, interesting and fun Society.

Rosey Skeffington, Chairman